July 2017

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Variant rules for Age of Conan

First let me tell you a tragic story. Maybe you'll even find it familiar. It's about a guy who rediscovers along with his buddies the taste for boardgames. When the chance comes up they play to a certain well known strategy game, one they played already as kids, with rather simple mechanics and easy to go back to when quite some time has passed since you played it. The problem? After a while you see its limitations and you can't squeeze much more from it. Therefore, Christmas arrives and this man happens to think about looking for an alternative to that strategy game, but one which has some more substance. He searches on internet for some days and finally he decides on one that looks promising: Age of Conan. And how he wouldn't choose it? It has attractive figures, deepness in its gameplay and, over all, a theme that promises to deliver war for real among its players. Moreover, the box has a very good price. After thinking a bit about it and not finding any convincing alternatives, the guy makes up his mind and purchases the game. The poor one ignores that failure is looming over him like the dark flying ride of a Nazgûl.