October 2017

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

WipEout F3600: the futuristic racing boardgame

Nowadays is not strange to find boardgames based on videogames or known franchises, and I suppose that was what made me think in the possibility of turning WipEout into a boardgame. First I investigated if someone had already marketed something like that before, and the closest thing I found is a game called Rush n' Crush. Thematically close to WipEout, as far as I could discover about it, it didn't convince me. Oddly, beyond that game there's no other racing boardgame with a futuristic theme, at least from what I've seen. Racing boardgames with cars are plenty, there's even one that seems to be inspired in Carmageddon, but nothing like antigravity vehicles fighting for the best position in a track that always ends too fast. Therefore, I intended to bring as much as possible of the essence and style of WipEout to a boardgame, and making it as agile and fun as possible.